Museu Nacional Frei Manuel do Cenáculo
Évora, september 4th to october 4th 2021

Exhibition organized in co-production by Invencionarium – Oficina do Espírito and the Municipality of Évora, with the support of the Direção Regional da Cultura do Alentejo.

Curator: Zivé Giudéci ; Artists: Almandrade, Bel Borba, Caetano Dias, Feliciano de Mira, Florival Oliveira, Guache Marques, Sérgio Rabnovitz, Vauluizio Bezerra, Zivé Giudice.
Catalogue: Carlos Pinto de Sá, Juca Ferreira, Sandra Leandro

This exhibition represents a connection to Évora through blood ties and affection with relevant artists of Bahia and the Brasil. As stated in the Bahia press “The works produced for this exhibition, with each artist’s peculiarities, but with conceptual proximities, translate our thoughts and reflections about the world and its injunctions. Thus we will be revealing how our spirits are” (Zivé Giudice)

This initiative commits Évora “in its multiculturalism and in the proposal of a polyhedral vision that rejects dogmatism and exclusive routes”, says the mayor of the municipality, Carlos Pinto de Sá, in the exhibition catalogue.

The idea for the exhibition came up during a visit by Feliciano de Mira to Zivé Giudice as director of the Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia and now reinforces the support of the artists’ collective for the application of Évora’s region for the European Capital of Culture 2027. Feliciano participates in the exhibition because his relationship with Bahia goes far beyond the professional (where he taught at the Universidade do Estado da Bahia), but also as an artist-researcher where he maintains relationships of friendship and participation in the cultural panorama of Salvador as author, symposium organiser and exhibition curator.

“In Bahia, the artists who emerged in the 1970s are the pioneers of renewal in visuality and now resume the cultural contact between the two countries” (id.)