The call for the 2021 international poem-sculpture – Global Multimedia Poetry Stands, Mail-Art action, is closed. 51 artists from 20 countries have been included with a total of 135 selected artworks.

In this second edition participation was requested for artistic manifestations about TOLERANCE – INTOLERANCE as contemporary problematic, thoughts approaching FREEDOM. “Freedom is on the outside and the inside of the (in)finite”. In a time of a planetary pandemic and confrontation between democratic values and authoritarianism, we invited for submission of visual works expressing emotions, feelings and thoughts on this subject. Fraternity and respect for difference.

51 artists from 20 countries have participated in a total of 135 selected works. As is our policy, no works were left out of the installation as not as for non-technical reasons such as low resolution and quality. All those that had such problems were reordered and resubmitted by the artists in time.
The placement of the works obeyed the order of arrival in response to the call. There were no formal or aesthetic criteria for distribution, such an endeavor would be quite subjective and could lead to underlying errors.

It seemed to us that in this second edition there was a more assertive general response to the theme, many of the artists had already participated in the first edition of 2019 but there were more than a dozen new entries.

During the artworks raising to the poem-sculpture (public act) the radio program Voz Livre – Poesia-Sonora (Free Voice – Sound-Poetry) by Marcelo Brissac was broadcasted. Transmission of recordings of the Voz Livre radio program, broadcast on Cape Verde’s Radio Morabeza.

Final aspect of the GMuMaPS, installed at Praça do Sertório, next to the City Hall building.

Production team of GMMPS 2021:
Alexandra Mariano, Feliciano de Mira, Helder Cavaca, Henrique Mota Martins, Hoana Bonito, Joao Espanca Bacelar.
Print: Luis Farias – DAC Publicidade
Load lifter: Luis Pinto

EVEX2021 – Évora Experimental Art Program, is a co-production with the Municipality of Évora.

List of all works and artists: