As part of the Évora Experimental | EV.EX Programe | 2019 the Oficina do Espirito in co-production with the Municipality of Évora presents:


Local: Igreja de S. Vicente
Conception: Feliciano de Mira
Management: Feliciano de Mira e João Bacelar
Proposal: Oficina do Espírito
Production: Oficina do Espírito; Câmara Municipal de Évora
Support and funding: Câmara Municipal de Évora

Experimental writing has been practiced through the relationship between written, concrete and visual poetry and the plastic, sound and performing arts, following an attitude of permanent tension in relation to canonical normalization, and therefore has a differentiating character in artistic languages. This action challenges a group of authors to cross their works in public involving various forms of poetic expression.


With the participation of Almandrade, António Carlos Couvinha, António Gomez, Feliciano de Mira, Ilda Teresa Castro, João Espanca Bacelar, Marco Franco, Paulo Bruscky, Pedro Fazenda,
In this exhibition we will carry out dialogues between the materialities and supports of current experimental writings, previous processes, technological languages, material and immaterial heritage objects of popular art and culture, through the intersemiose signica,
Video box. Coupled with the installations, we present two boxes of permanent reproduction of the animated image, as a means of artistic expression (1968-2018), from Super 8 film, video and digital image, works by Ângelo de Sousa, António Palolo and Celino Silva, António Gomez, António Olaio, Ilda Teresa castro, Feliciano de Mira, Joao Espanca Bacelar, Paulo Bruscky.
As Escritas do Corpo. 1 de June 2019 – Saturday – performing acts:

  • Piano Solo by Marco Franco.
  • Ver a Poesia by Antonio Gomez
  1. GWERLR. 15th June – Saturday 17h00. Manoel Barboa presents a conceptual, aesthetic and performative interpretation of 8 pages of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Commedia, in tribute to his friends António Palolo, José de Carvalho and José Conduto. It is a total creation by Manoel Barbosa from 2018 with a premiere and unique presentation at EV.EX Évora Experimental, lasting 50′.
  2. The Experimentus – Clear Line and the Asemic Writings. Guided tour. 15th June – Saturday 17h00. Conversation wheel with poets, artists and critics.
  3. The Sociography of Experimental Poetics in Portugal. 29th June – Saturday 17h00. Wheel of conversation with artists, critics and sociologists. Traveling through the process of creation we will contribute to the techniques, supports and processes of the authors of the experimental writings, integrated in their cultural and social means of reference. We will also try to consider the contributions that experimentalism brings to the renewal of artistic expression, its values and messages, and the perception that society in general has of these vanguards.