The 2nd Edition of EV.EX – Évora Experimental 2021, set out to stage a collective exhibition based on the idea of “Context…with text !”, to encourage the creation of works with visual representations of feelings and emotions, which address the pandemic situation that has been ravaging humanity, and suggesting that all the works carry alphabetical inscriptions in any type of format, language or arrangement.

The artists were born or live in the Alentejo (this region of the country), although there are two participants from Mozambique and Brazil residing in the city. They belong to three different generations – from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s – which gives the exhibition open reading possibilities and the presentation of new imaginaries.

Anesia Manjate

The exhibition, composed of 25 works of art in diverse media and artistic expressions in the areas of painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, assemblage, multimedia and installation, which evoke memory and identity, stimulating research, aesthetic education and work. Its symbolical representations suggest landscapes that try to help us to foresee future paths and broaden horizons of reference, valuing experimentation and stimulating creativity.

The sheer diversity of these productions reveals the creative capacity of the artists and the region, although the field of visual arts needs adequate sustainability policies for all those involved in the creative process.

Feliciano de Mira

The display was open to the public for 30 days and received about three hundred visitors (estimate). It has served as the setting for various events held as part of the EVEX – Évora Experimental 2021 programme.