Video-mapping and plastic performance along the folk heritage of Alentejo’s Singing.

“O Cante Acusmático de Pias” is an album / concert edited by Grupo de Cante do Alentejo Os Camponeses de Pias, resulting from the inclusion of accusmatic sound by Feliciano de Mira, Vítor Ruas and António Duarte, recorded in a live show at Musibéria, in Serpa, 2016.

We adapted an experimental technique by João Espanca Bacelar of video mapping projection of plastic performance in real time and built a proposal to the Municipality of Évora for participation in the Festival Artes à Rua (Évora, July to September 2018) that led to a production for the opening of the festival, presented live on July 12, 2018, in Praça do Sertório. The invitation extended to a challenge to integrate digital scenography, video in the surrounding architectural space, the Igreja do Salvador, in the same square.

We used the facade of the church for video mapping and integrated artistic and semiotic studies of Feliciano, plus library images.

“I use mainly free rights software like Processing, Openframeworks, VPT, Inkscape, Blender, Gimp and images/video of cooperative artist sharing libraries, such as ou” J. E. Bacelar

In the search for a performance with organic expression, rather than technological, we decided to create the graphic effects in real time with image manipulation and plastic arts. We used materials from simple pen drawing to media like water, oils and other objects. We adapted a room of the Garcia de Resende Theatre, ceded by the Municipality and with the support of CENDREV we set up a studio where for 10 days we designed a script for the performance.

foto: Pedro Pinto
preparação video mapping Cante Acusmático de Pias – sala estúdio : Teatro Garcia de Resende | foto: Pedro Pinto
foto: Pedro Pinto
foto: Pedro Pinto

The planning of the event:
Technical study of the space, creation of a technical guide for equipment forecasting, budgeting and institutional formalities.

Acting guide
technical rider

A piece is created in 10 movements, with 10 different projection scenarios related to each moda (songs).
The graphics resulted in an artistic reading about the presence of ecological concern in the texts of the Alentejo singing. The accusmatic intervention of António Duarte and Vitor Ruas prints possible interpretations about the sounds of the current world in contrast with the oral and artistic tradition.
In short, this first presentation serves as a gauge to identify points to be improved in the various aspects of the event: Duration of scenes or performative rhythm, positioning of elements, lighting and sound.

I believe that with time refinements of the plastic intervention and a more intelligible logic in the acoustics the artistic possibilities can be more powerfull, especially in the sense of making the event more fluid and continuously interesting for the public.

Video mapping on the facade of Igreja do Salvador, Vitor Ruas at right. Foto: Pedro Pinto
Beatriz, Feliciano and Joao performing realtime. Foto: Pedro Pinto
António Duarte em 1º Plano | foto: Mauro Freira / Evora Noticias CME [FB]
foto: Mauro Freira / Evora Noticias CME [FB]


Producer : Câmara Municipal de Évora
Greetings to à Diocese de Évora e Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo
Live presenting : Maria Marrafa
Audex Som : Manuel Chambel – live sound; Carlos Mavioso – light,
support – Yoan Crochet
Video projector : Luis Bombico

Évora, 12th July de 2018